Mission Integers

Hand-crafted integers are a joy to create, and a pleasure to use.

Each of our bespoke numbers is created just for you in San Francisco’s historic Mission District. What will you use it for? A letter-pressed receipt. A special touch of latte art. A globally-unique user ID. A woolen hat. The possibilities are as infinite as the space of 64-bit unsigned ints.

Let us mint one of your very own.


“Definitely one of the top five coordinated bi-coastal unique ID providers in the Northern Hemisphere” —John Allspaw, head of operations at Etsy, marketplace for unique handmade and vintage items.

“2032342, an artisanal integer minted for me on Friday, July 27th 2012 at 10:45pm, by missionintegers.com - thanks @datatelling!” —Golan Levin, noted number cognoscente.

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